About this Site

Learning-physics site aims at promotion of teaching-learning of physics by solving problems using thinking and reasoning. Our effort is to demonstrate the power of physics concepts in understanding nature and to expose the excitement of learning physics.

For this programme Prof. A.N. Maheshwari has selected problems mainly from the books of Physics by Resnick, Halliday, and Krane, and Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick and Walker. Some interesting problems from other textbooks such as Heat & Thermodynamics by Zemansky have been included.

Prof. A.N. Maheshwari, finds solving physics problems intellectually stimulating and an enjoyable activity. He is happy to share his experience of teaching-learning of physics with fellow teachers & students.

Apart from the main aim of encouraging the Problem solving abilities, we have also provided Science and Technology search for Learning, to hunt for Teaching methods, look for Teaching/Learning tools, Higher Science Education institutions, Career building avenues, Research institutions, Science News of the day - through Computational intelligence supports, web reference links and by years of desk research - provided by V. Krishnamoorthy.

In addition to building a programme for learning physics around solutions, we encourage interactive learning through supports such as Online Classrooms, asynchronous multimedia lessons prepared with Teaching Tools (Examples Illustrated as Newton Laws of Motion By Prof. A.N. Maheshwari). We also encourage/help you in creating Campus Clouds/Cloud Radio, a low cost innovative technology, created by V. Krishnamoorthy, with no need for internet access, in your Educational Campus. We help you to load Learning Physics into your Campus Cloud, the accessibility can be through computers/Laptops, also through all mobile devices, like IPAD, Notepad and Mobile Phones.

We the take pleasure of inviting physics teachers to reach us with their valuable comments and with their support we hope to make this site a purposeful e-learning physics resource.

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